Grow Taller by Hanging On a Bar

Everyone wants to have a taller body frame but not everyone actually ends up being tall. There aren’t many people to be found around who are concerned by their taller frame but most short people desire a better height.

If you too are looking for ways to increase height and are bombarded by articles on the internet which indicate that you cannot increase your height by your efforts, there is little to worry, as those articles do not show you the entire picture.

Yes, it’s a fact that your body frame is mostly because of your bones, and you cannot increase the length of your bones naturally. But you need to understand that even after your bones have fully grown, you still can add upto 4 inches in your height, that too naturally.

The best way to increase your height naturally and get those all-important additional 4 inches added to your natural height is hanging. Hanging every day for a few minutes over a period of months can make you taller.

Important: When you start a new exercise routine It is very important that you seek guidance of an expert to make sure there is no injury. Please make sure you talk to an expert before starting any new hanging exercises to increase height

In order to start with handing exercises you will need a hanging bar which you can find at your gym or you can fin done online like the one available here

Please take some time to read the following information that talks about the reasons why we are not able to grow taller and how hanging can help us

Reasons for stunted growth:

  • Natural Growth Hormone: Human Growth Hormone is a major factor which determines the ultimate height of an individual. If you have a shorter body frame, the main reason for it might be less secretion of Human Growth Hormone.
  • Lack of nutrients: Your body needs certain Vitamins and Minerals to grow and develop. While you can’t naturally influence the secretion of Human Growth Hormone, you can certainly consume for hygienic and nutrient rich food to boost your body growth.
  • Gravity:Gravity is the strongest force of nature and every object on the planet Earth is attracted to the core of the Earth due to gravity. Thus gravity is constantly acting against all of us to make us shorter every day.

Also hanging on a bar by itself might not really help you to attain your grow taller goals because in order to gain real inches you will need to follow a complete height gain program

How does hanging make people tall?

It’s true that you cannot make your bones longer with natural measures. But you can increase the length of your spine by natural methods such as hanging to give you a taller body frame.

Your body is tallest when you wake up every morning. As the day progresses, the gravity is constantly working against you as you are mostly standing vertically and thus the gravity is compressing your body every second.

To confirm this assumption that you grow short every day due to gravity, you can check your height every morning when you get off the bed, and then again every night before you go back to sleep. You will see that every day you are almost half an inch shorter than you began in the morning.

The reason why you grow short during the course of each day is the fact that your vertebrae contains, apart from bones, tiny muscle discs in between the bones of your spine. These discs are a result of our mutation and act as shock absorbers protecting our spine from crumbing against the gravity.

Whenever you sleep in a horizontal position in your comfortable bed at home, your spine is not compressed due to gravity and thus the muscle discs in the spine absorb moisture and inflate. Thus when you wake up, your spine is taller, and thus you are at your maximum height.

When you work during the day, your spine is constantly subject to gravity as most of the times you are vertically standing or sitting with your spine in vertical position. Thus the gravity is always exerting pressure on your spine making the discs subject to intense pressure which results in the muscle discs deflating. Thus when you reach home, you are shorter.

Every morning again your muscle discs are inflated, but they can never get 100% inflated, and this is where hanging comes in. if you hang for a few minutes every day, you give your spine a chance to be fully suspended against the gravity, hence helping you attain a taller physique.

Hanging Exercises to Increase Height

The height of the hanging bar

Make sure you choose a hanging bar to hang yourself which is at least 7 feet off the ground. You need a hanging bar situated high enough for you to suspend your body completely without your feet touching the ground.

Chin ups

While you hang, try to pull yourself up till the level that your chin can reach over the hanging bar. Once you have reached there, again move down and suspend your arms completely. Repeat the process over the course of months to see visual effects.

Holding the bar

You can vary your grip on the bar between days to give you maximum output on your efforts. To do this, you can grip the hanging bar over the hand one day and under the hand the other day. This is done to maintain your body posture and strength the muscles of arms and shoulders.

Leg movements

While hanging against the bar, you can move your legs like you do when you walk from places to places. This will not only suspend your body better against the gravity thereby increasing your height, but will also result in better blood circulation.

Foot movements

You can pull your knees up while hanging till the point when your knees touch your chest. Stay in that position for a few seconds and then again move your knees back down till the time your feet are fully suspended in air.


While you are hanging on the hanging bar, you can move your feet like you do while you are bicycling. This too will result in better blood circulation in your body and increase your height. Apart from helping you gain height, you will also burn your stomach fat and get good abs. See this video below that i came across on youtube which explains this exercise

Hanging is one of the most physically demanding exercise as you need to carry your whole body weight against the gravity. The pull ups and chin ups are even more demanding as they ask you to pull yourself up which requires additional strength in your arms.

Hence, it is advised that while hanging you should not exert too much pressure on your body. Hang till the time you can and increase the time of hanging from a few seconds to a few minutes as your shoulders grow stronger over the course of months.

Hanging will help you gain few inches in height, but it will not happen overnight of with just a few hanging sessions. Hence, keep your spirits high and do not quit. Hang for a few minutes daily and you are certain to add a few inches to your body frame.

Please comment below you have any doubts to tips to share with other readers

As mentioned before in this article, any real height gain will require you to follow a complete height gain program. See the 5inch height gain review for more details about one such program

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  1. Along with hanging will stretching also help me get taller and if yes which stretches are the most effective? Also how long should i hang for to get taller. Right now i hang for 15 seconds and take a 10 second break in between. I do this over the course of 10 minutes. Should i hang for longer?


  2. Hello guys I have increased 2 inches from hanging and doing cobra strech and eating a lot of protein like pumpkin seeds indian herb ashwagandha black til and almonds

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